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Terms and Conditions
1. Object, modifications and services
1.1. The present General Conditions, the corresponding descriptions of services will regulate the provision by EDMI Software, for which the application called MyTV for Windows 10 is made available to users.
MyTV for Windows 10 is a Software System for viewing TV channels by IP.
For the correct development of the MyTV for Windows 10 application, an email will be made available to THE CLIENT to report possible incidents: software.edmi@gmail.com

2. Rights and obligations of the parties
2.1. The CLIENT shall have the right to use MyTV for Windows 10 in accordance with the General Conditions in each case agrees.
2.2. The CLIENT must use MyTV for Windows 10 in accordance with the conditions agreed between the parties, current legislation and good faith.
2.3. The CLIENT has full responsibility for the use of MyTV for Windows 10, the information transmitted and stored, its exploitation, the claims of third parties and the legal actions that its action could trigger. In short, the CLIENT is responsible for the fulfillment of the laws and regulations that are applicable and, in a merely enunciative manner, of the rules that have to do with the operation of said application, electronic commerce, copyright, maintenance of public order, as well as universal principles of Internet use.
2.4. The CUSTOMER will abstain from using the Services in a manner contrary to good faith and, in particular, in a purely enunciatively manner, will not respect the following:
I. Use that is contrary to Spanish laws or that infringes the rights of third parties.
II. Any publication or transmission of content that, in the opinion of MyTV for Windows 10, is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, xenophobic or defamatory.
III. The use of cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties.
IV. The collection and/or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or in contravention of the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (Spanish Law).
V. The use of the mail server and/or its email addresses for spam, mail bombing, phishing, escrow fraud, scam 419, pharming, virus spreading (trojans, worms, etc.), or any other type of activity carried out with sabotage, fraudulent or criminal intent.
VI. In any case, the CLIENT will not use MyTV for Windows 10 in such a way as to place an excessive burden on the EDMI Software equipment or in any way damage the operations of the equipment or the EDMI Software network.
b) MyTV for Windows 10
2.5. MyTV for Windows 10 guarantees that the Services contracted will be provided in the manner explained in these General Conditions.
2.6. MyTV for Windows 10 may temporarily limit or interrupt the CLIENT's access to its services when it is necessary for the security of the network service, the maintenance of the integrity of the network and, especially, to avoid serious interruptions of the network, of the Software or saved data.
2.7. MyTV for Windows 10 is not responsible for:
I. The content hosted in the space attributed to the user by the service;
II. The possible damages in the equipment due to the correct or incorrect use of the same (which will be the responsibility of the CLIENT);
III. The damages due to a virus infection of your equipment;
IV. Any illegitimate interference by a third party;
V. The defective configuration made by the CLIENT.
VI . The approval time of the application by the different application stores.
VII. The appropriate content of advertising, which is served by third parties.
VIII. The use by minors of the application, whose responsibility falls entirely on the legal guardian of the same.
2.8. EDMI Software may assign the rights and obligations contained in these General Conditions to one or more third parties. In this case, the CLIENT may terminate the contract immediately.
2.9. EDMI Software will freely choose the technical means, which may be related to technology and/or infrastructure, in order to facilitate the supply of the services provided.
2.10. EDMI Software will not be responsible for damages of any nature that could be caused to a third party or to the CUSTOMER as a consequence of the improper or illegitimate use of the Services by the CLIENT.
2.11. Any claim of the CLIENT to EDMI Software must be presented in writing, which may be done by email if the CLIENT adds to the claim its full name, NIF / DNI / CIF, address, e-mail address, telephone number. The claim of defects and interruptions not notified on time is excluded. The claim should be addressed to the following email address: support@edmisoftware.com.

3. Licenses, Intellectual Property
EDMI software is the owner or, it have authorized the use for the legitimate owner, of all copyright, brands, intellectual property rights, know-how and any rights that keep relation with the services, and the necessary computer applications necessary for it’s implementation and the information that is get about it.
THE CUSTOMER must respect the third party applications bring to them by EDMI Software, even beign for free, of which EDMI Software have the neccessary exploitation rights.
THE CUSTOMER under the current Terms and Conditions, not adquires absolutely no right or licence over the given services, over the necessary applications for give that services, over the compiled application and over the technical information to track the services, except beign the neccesary rights and licenses for accomplish with the present Terms and Conditions and onlu for the temporary duration of the hired services.
THE CUSTOMER is compromised to guarantee any person that uses this programs respect this Terms and Conditions, same as the third party applications Terms and Conditions that belongs to that applications. Won’t be considered used a program that only is installed inside a netwoek server to be distributed.

4. Privacy Policy
EDMI Software manifest the maximum respect and gives the biggest importance to protect and keep safe it’s customer’s data, whose decisions about the use of their data will be respected in any case.
MyTV for Windows 10 accomplish the Organic Law 15/1999, about Personal Data Protection (under Spanish laws) and with any other regulations in force about these facts, and keeps a Privacy Policy about personal data, in which is stablished mainly the use that MyTV for Windows 10 make of the personal user’s data. Application informs the customers in detail about essential circumstances of that use and the security measures that applies to their personal data to avoid that unauthorized third-party people can access to them.

5. Appliable legislation and jurisdiction
5.1. Previewed in the current Terms and Conditions, and in the conflict mediation that can rainse in between both parts, will be Spanish legislation.
5.2. Both parts submit to definitive resolution of all resulting controversies of the current relationship to the courts and tribunals that are competent in any case.

6. Nullity
In case of one of several stipulations of the current Terms and Conditions will be anullated, the rest validity won’t be affected.